Auto Financing

Please click the "apply now" button below to apply for financing with rates as low as 1.7%.

We here at Godspeed Motors we have partnered with several local credit unions and a few banks to offer our customers some of the best financing rates and terms available. We are often able to beat large franchise Dealership rates and terms. 85% of the customers we secure financing for receive a rate of 2.0% for 60 months. We have terms as long 72 months and loan amounts can go as high as 125% of NADA retail. Our sweet spot is a customer with 600 credit score and up.

We do not specialize in subprime lending but we do have a couple programs available for subprime customers that have a good amount of money down. We don't currently offer buy here pay here type of financing.

When you go through us for financing we are able to do everything right here at our dealership for you, making it a very quick and easy process. Give us a call if you have any questions or if you would rather submit an application over the phone.



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